How to install, repair or replace a fence post the easy way

Here’s how to fix , repair and replace broken fence posts and poles easily as long as things are thought ahead and you used the fence post socket system before using concrete and cement You can purchase the bags on ebay by serching the words fence post socket or by clicking on more info about the method with FAQ on
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Never wrestle with your gate again! You can remove sag in gate by transferring some of that gravity load over to the hinge side of the gate with a cross-brace. A compression cross-brace takes weight from the top bar and transfers it by pushing down against the bottom hinge. The EZ Brace was born out of a common need to fix sagging, dragging, sticking wood fence gates. We at EZ Brace decided that constant call backs to re-adjust the customers fence gate was eating away at every bodies bottom line. Our ingenuity kicked in and we created what is the #1 gate brace on the market. We have designed our EZ brace to come out of the box and onto the gate. Pre-assembled from the factory, our EZ brace has two attached pieces of angle that swivel and allow you to mount either on the right-side or left-side, depending where your hinges are, and can be applied to virtually any wood fence gate application. Our EZ Brace is installed in just minutes. In the event if your gate sags a little due to the posts or hinge hardware adjusting, just remove the two self-tapping metal screws, adjust the gate up and reinstall the screws. Its that simple! EZ Brace installs easily to fit on almost all wood fence gates. Adjustable to fit a variety of gates, up to 3 – 6 feet (wide) & 6 – 8 feet (height)
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  1. easyfencing says:

    Here in Britain the weather is pretty fresh, damp and windy, that’s why fence posts may not last many years.
    Fence posts are generally made of pine wood treated with CCB compounds (Chromium, Copper and Boron). CCA compounds (A stands for Arsenic) were used in the past and were more effective but Arsenic has now been banned thus making the posts last even less than they used to. The greenish patches on the posts are due to the Copper.

  2. easyfencing says:

    @easyfencing “ps just cut the post of at the ground. simple.” :-) I wonder why all those workmen on the video got into the trouble of removing the foundation and/or replacing the posts 😉

  3. easyfencing says:

    @brad737 How long the posts last depends on where you live, just to give you an example the picture at 0:36 and 39 were taken after a storm, posts 4x5inches installed only 3 years previously. Notice the post foundation is under the driveway. The panels were in very good condition and were reused. Digging out and replacing those posts cost that customer £320 when had the socket system ben used it would have been done in 3 hours for £ 80 material included.

  4. looks like a lot of hard work for not much pay off. think about it….if installed correctly timber posts should last 20 years or more. and youll be long moved out of the house then to have to worry about it mate. and ill tell you, the whole fence will need replacing rather than just the posts. ps just cut the post of at the ground. simple.

  5. readysetkill1 says:

    This brace is the easiest thing ever!

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