Big gap between fence and gate how to fix?

Question by Frankie: Big gap between fence and gate how to fix?
We just bought a house and they fixed the fence and gate on the one side but the gate does not fit properly. there is a big gap between the pole on the fence and the gate. It looks like the pole that is attached to the fence is crooked. I was thinking of just going and get a piece of wood to block the gap so the dogs dont get out. I would like to know if anyone else has this problem and what u did to fix it.

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Answer by biff
Straightn the fence forst! If gap still exists fill it in with wire fencing.

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  1. llazyiest says:

    I would try filling the gap with another piece of wood nailed into it. Using wire fencing just looks cr@ppy.

  2. thewrangler_sw says:

    Well, it rather depends on the fence in question, hehehe….

    For example, if we are talking about a chain link fence and gate, it might be easier to rework the gate. New pipe can be purchased to replace the horizontal sections of the gate, and new chain link to cover the larger frame. The gate can even be made ‘out of square’ if necessary to match the fence post.

    With a wooden fence it would probably be easier to add wood framing to the fence post. Any wood added, will need to be sealed properly.

    And of course, the post can always be reset… a bit more work, but it may look better in the long run, hehe.

    A photo would be helpful, if you can get a link to one, or you can email one to me, for further help.

    Good Luck

  3. You could remove the gate, I assume its wooden. Then add another postnext to the old post and reattach the gate.

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